Transfiguring life. 

(Source)   Yesterday was the Feast of The Transfiguration of Jesus, a day observed by millions of Christians worldwide. The story can be found i…

The dark night of the souls. 

  (Source)   I just read a fascinating (and somewhat frightening)article at The Atlantic about the dark side of meditation.    Yes, the d…

Onward Christian soldiers. 

(Source) Augh, I'm not here for it. It being the aftershocks of this year's Grammy's. All week, I watched as Christians and conservatives and C…

Documenting the documentaries- 3. 

  During my documentary binge, I noticed a certain familiarity in much of the Modern Masters work, despite seeing much of it for the first time. I…

I can't be your life lesson. 

  Me, window gazing in May 2008.       Spoke with my dad briefly on the phone yesterday. I called to say "Happy Anniversary". It's b…

Circles, Squares & Me 

When I sat in that doctor's office over a year and a half ago, being told I should consider terminating my Zoe because I might have a genetic conditio…
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Zoe takes in some art by way of sculpture.



The Pharcyde


"Franny and Zooey"


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Check it out here.


I met God yesterday. Today I tried to report on it.


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  • Kirk Franklin Runs Afoul of Gay Rights Activists

        From All Christian News, via The Old Black Church:   Gospel singer Kirk Frankin is now in the cross-hairs of the gay community for speaking out against homosexuality.  LGBT activists are putting

  • Circles, Squares & Me

    When I sat in that doctor's office over a year and a half ago, being told I should consider terminating my Zoe because I might have a genetic condition that

  • Galileo on God

    (Brain Pickings Weekly)   Starting in college, I began hearing how the Roman Catholic Church supposedly tormented Galileo, religion, of course being the squasher of science and human brillance. It was only

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