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Highbow happy birthdays.

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Today is my close friend Randy's birthday. I don't think I even have the words to describe how cool he is. He's like Manhattan cool, and not just because he worked for years as a chef at a glitzy eatery in the Big Apple. He's just always been cool.


We met on the first day of classes at the now defunct Victory Christian Academy in 1997. September 4th, 1997, to be exact. It was also the day I met GiGi and Candace. I giggle aloud at the fact that I still am blessed to have them in my lives today.


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Speaking of Aja...


Aren't they the cutest? Lily-Grace and Theo, musicians already!



... check out her Baby Love feature at Leila's Baby & Blog!


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Menstrual Man


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A thought provoking story from NPR (H/T: Aja):



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TLC Biopic: Will you see it?

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As a TLC fan from way back, I definitely had my eyebrow raised when I learned VH1 was filming a biopic about the 90s hip hop trio. Would it be CrazySexyCool or CrazyHotMess? You can check out the trailer below. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.




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Acclaim/ abstain

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They're rich, famous, and fabulous. And they'll never "blame it on the a a a a a a  alcohol" since they don't touch the stuff. From Hello Beautiful, celebrity teetotalers:



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Who could ask for anything more?

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Joscelyne in 2011



We were darn near obsessed, my sister Jos and I.


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I'm okay!

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So I've been ghost around here for over a week. I'd say, "My bad", but it's not bad at all, so I won't. I'm fine. I had some issues on the backend of the blog, then some major internet connection issues, so I just stopped trying to post altogether by Wednesday.


I also had an epically bad reaction to the dressing used by the hospital after plasmapheresis on the 4th. I'm okay, but have a crusty looking purplish rash the size of a half dollar by the catheter site. No infection, though, so it's not so bad.

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Nothing compares to truth.



After citing Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares to You" as inspiration for her own "Wreaking Ball" video, Miley Cyrus has gotten quite the response from Ms. O'Connor in the form of an open letter. From Vanyaland (beware, the following is chock full of foul language):



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St. Therese

St Therese of Lisieux



Today is the feast day of St. Therese on the Roman Catholic calendar.  Last October 1st, I wrote on my old blog:


While I was in the hospital last December [2011], I read Therese's "The Story of a Soul". I was moved greatly by her sweet testimony of following "the little way" and growing childlike faith for God. So, in celebration, here are some quotes:

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Modern Art or Toddler Paintings?

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Want to have a little fun? Then try taking this quiz at Buzzfeed on whether a group of paintings were done by modern art painters or preschoolers. I love the free expression in modern art, but I have to admit, sometimes, it really does look like fingerpaintings by four year olds. And maybe, there's nothing wrong with that.


Fullscreen capture 1012013 91830 AM.bmp

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Shut it down.

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I woke up this morning to a flurry of alarmist stat updates decrying the government shut down that began today. Thing is, they didn't actually state any real information, just a general "Good Lawd, Almighty, duh gubmint dun stopped runnin'!" Having not had a single drop of coffee, I didn't have the patience for the Chicken Littles of my Newsfeed, so I checked my email instead. That took all of a minute, so I soon found myself back on Facebook (yeah, it's an addiction... is there a 12 Steps for that?). Thankfully, this time, I ran smackdab into the sanity of my beautiful friend Kel who wrote:


shutdown = sucks. but we survived the one in 1995 - 1996 (for 28 days) and we'll deal with this too. the aliens from the movie "independence day" didn't take over then and they won't now...no matter what your best friend's fiance's mom's boss's sister's cousin's best friend posted as their status. no, it's not fair to anyone, but don't panic before researching if an administration that you need to be up and running is or isn't. some are, but are limited to what is deemed essential or non-essential.
hums theme to "the more you know" commercials...


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Some Saturday Stuff: September 28th.

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Hello, East of Edeners! Hope you had a great week. I did. I capped it off with more walk yesterday, doing over a mile, pushing Zoe in her little red lightweight stroller. We had Starbucks with Uncle Joe, and visited with my former boss and coworkers. It was a lot of fun. By the end of the day, I was exhausted, and my legs felt like spaghetti, but it was totally worth it. I'm still a bit sore this morning, but overall, okay. It might be that the plasmapheresis is *finally* starting to help... :-)


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Keeping busy.

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Zoe and Grandpa say their goodbyes.



My father-in-law, Keith, was with us most of the week, so I've been pretty busy. That's one of the reasons I didn't blog at all this week.


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While doing some reading this morning, I came across a couple of stories that touched on Brown v. Board of Education and desgregation in American public schools.


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I'm starting to miss those cicadas.

cicada thumb




Last month while at GiGi and David's, NPR somehow made it into our topic. I think David had mentioned eventually publishing his novel and then landing an interview on NPR as a goal, an all too lofty and impossible goal. I had rolled my eyes and told him not to put himself down like that.

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Please stop your proselytizing.


I know I'm going to sound like a such jerk, but I really wish all those e-proselytizers out there would just shut up. I'm sick of your frequent status updates, pictures, memes, tweets, Vine vids and blog posts. It's not "good news" to a lot of us.


Told you I'd sound like a jerk.


By the way, I'm not referring to religious proselytizing, although I will say, some of us Christians need to watch it, too. Nah, this post is for those people who can't, don't, and won't stop sharing their conversion to clean living via the paleo diet/ P90X/ Jillien Michaels/ personal trainer/ raw veganism/gluten-free fill in the source. It's not just that they lost 17 pounds/ have an 8 pack (which sometimes looks creepy)/ can fit into their 8th grade dinner dance dress again... BUT. YOU. MUST. TOO.

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Some Saturday Stuff: September 14th.

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This is a picture of a horse drawn by my friend and nurse Melissa. It's for her dad, who tells this joke like every time she sees him, and cracks up each time. Today's his birthday, so happy birthday Mr. Brady!

I'm in a mood today, I'm not going to lie. Augh.


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Throwback Thursday: Early 90s Fashion Edition

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Me, on the left, and Giddel (we go back like babies and pacifiers). Notice I'm wearing black overalls, which would've made me on point for trend #7 (see below), except this picture was taken in 1997. Yup, I have never been a fashion maven. Ever.




Thursday has become the official day on social media- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook- to post throwback pictures, videos and music, signified with the tags "#throwback" or "#tbt". So why not spread the oldschool love right here, too, with the help of Mental_floss? Let's go back twenty years to see what the kids were rocking during the start of the Clinton Administration, shall we?

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Please land your helicopters, parents.




Seeing the headline, "Millennials Now Bringing Their Parents On Job Interviews", made me gag. Then I immediately thought of the "Ban the bag" Portlandia skit. Yeah, I'm talking about "Portlandia" *again*. I go through TV watching cyclical phases. I'll be obsessed with Queen Victoria documentaries for a few weeks, then some dark moddy series like "Breaking Bad", then I'll be all up on "The Simpsons" like nobody's business. Maybe it's weird, or maybe it's just how people watch TV these days. I'm hoping the latter. Anyway. here's the skit:

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Creatives Space: Ilaf S.




Born and raised in Bangladesh, a country in southern Asia bordering India and Myanmar, Ilaf moved to the United States at 20 to attend college. After briefly attending a college in California, she would transfer to a university in New Jersey. It was here she met her future husband, Solman. Fast forward a deacde, and the two have purchased a home and are parents to two beautiful children, three year old Sahmir and 21 month old Sahrish. Both Mom and Dad work at the university where they met (awww!), while the kids attend a nearby dayschool. In many ways, they are the picture of the American dream: happy and healthy with great jobs, the house and the two kids. If they don't have a picket fence, that's all that's missing.



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