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Call 2 Fail.

Oh, yikes. This is quite an unfortunate logo and slogan. From America Blog:


FRC’s [Family Research Counil] anti-gay campaign is titled “Call 2 Fall.”  (Note the number “2″, done Internet-style – rather than being written out “two” – to attract the younguns.)


The anti-gay campaign’s slogan is “On our knees for America.”

And it’s accompanied by a logo that appears to be a man performing oral sex.

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Christians aren't called to have amazing sex. (Sorry Mark Driscoll.)

Article Sex




I loved this piece at Relevant by Rachel Pietka:


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All the world is a stage. Or canvas.

Some gorgeous photos of street art from around the globe at Street Art Utopia:




Street Art by L7m in Sao Paulo, Brazil



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Not so radical notions of Feminists.

rine feminist post



I don't identify as a feminist. Not first wave, second wave, third wave or wavy wave. I don't like lots of labels, and this one, for me, is particularly problematic. It seems to mean so many different things to different people. The fact that people have to use descriptives like "second wave" or "pro-life" reveals the broadness of the word.


It's not just me eschewing the moniker, according to Christina Hoff Summers, writing at The Atlantic.

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Zoe was here.

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Going on Gomorrah?

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Buh bye DOMA. So long Prop 8. The Supreme Court struck them both down, and guessing by the weeping and gnashing of teeth by some Christian Conservatives, has also unleashed the impending fury of the Heavens (cue Pat Robertson, in 3, 2, 1...). Okay, sarcasm aside, I'm again left feeling, for the second time in a week, not surprised (first was with Paula Deen, who I'm sure, after stumbling through an apology-ladden sit down with Matt Laurer this morning, is probably thanking the pop culture gods that the SCOTUS ruling is such big news). This ruling was made by a secular court over a secular nation. The fight against DOMA and Prop 8 has been framed as a civil rights issue, and eventually, Same Sex Marriage will be legal in this land.


So what now? Carry on. From The Advocate:


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The Baby Cage.

article-2178140-1430FDD0000005DC-972 634x768



I can scarcely believe it, but baby cages were a completely normal thing less than 100 years ago. From the Daily Mail:


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Creatives Space: April Joy




Mississippi wife, mother, writer and artist April Joy shares some pics of her home art studio, where she paints, sketches and draws, inspired by life, love and God.



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Happy Anniversary, K.



So glad I said "yes."


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Skywiring for Jesus

jesus juggler




Did you watch daredevil and Jesus enthusiast Nik Wallenda walk across the Grand Canyon on Sunday? I didn't. I was a bit busy.


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Brick City Blues



Joe and I headed over to visit my mom at her nursing home in Newark yesterday evening. She had been in the hospital for five days last week, and we wanted to see how she was settling in.


She really wasn't. She has diabetic neuropathy, and spent most of our visit complaining of pain in her right leg and shoulder. Thankfully, my neuro pain was at a minimum, so I was able to help. I went to the nurse's station and requested ice packs. I was given four latex gloves full of ice packs. Good enough. I stretched her legs a bit, massaged her knee, and then placed the makeshift ice packs on her sore joints.


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On Paula Deen & the N-word.

paula-deen2 custom-0b30419dbbe077460d439775b6a773a8fdd8c906-s6-c30




I so thought I'd skip the whole Paula Deen kerfluffle with just yesterday's quick mention. And I really was going to leave it alone because like everything celeb-related, the topic gets talked about, disected, chewed up, digested and then regurgitated to the point of just being a pile of vomit.


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Some Saturday Stuff- June 22nd.


A picture I took of the Delaware Memorial Bridge on Wednesday night.


Happy Saturday, peeps. It's been a ridiculously crazy week for me, including what felt like a two second (was actually a one day) trip out of state and back. I also had another bad IVIG treatment and had to have a second nurse come out to administer it (that time went smoothly). Add in my mother's admittance to the hospital and my own plans for some more plasmapheresis in the next couple of weeks, and yeah, I'm not even sure what happened the last five days. So I needed to do this Some Saturday Stuff just to be able to catch up! Here we go!



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Creatives Space: Jamila Tazewell

Fullscreen capture 6192013 80307 AM.bmp



I got an idea from a photo posted on Facebook by 11:11 creator Jamila Tazewell. The picture was her pretty little self beaming from behind a cool modern desk in her home office. She had just completed redecorating/reorganizing it. That little peak into her world got me thinking about how so many artistic people spread their creativity to their surroundings. Sometimes it's just a little extra in their cubicle at work, or a wall of eclectic frames in their hall at home. While I was reading Matt Appling's "Life After Art", I was reminded of how across history and cultures, we see art- on cave walls, homes, and churches.


So I started harassing, uh er, requesting photos from some of my favorite Creatives. Would they mind sharing pictures of their spaces with my blog readers? And two of them got back to me so quickly, I just had to get this series started right away. First up, Jamila, since she is my muse! Thanks again!

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On Father's Day.

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Me and my Daddy in 2010


Yesterday was Father's Day, and from a casual perusal of the interwebs, a lot of people have some pretty jacked up relationships with their dads. Or, with the father(s) of their kid(s).


This is quite understandable. Sad, but understandable.

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My Baby Love


Easter 2012



The very wonderful Leila, who allowed me to interview her, returned the favor for a feature at Baby & Blog. I opened up about my birthing experience, juggling personal time with 24 hour/7 days a week mommyhood (hint: I suck), and my very amazing hubby.


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Some Saturday Stuff- June 15th.

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My nephew Kymani enjoying the fruits of his parents' labor.


Happy Saturday, All. I had a kind of so-so week. Not horrible, but not great, either. My weekly IVIG sessions are becoming increasingly frustrating, what with my always tiny and weak veins collapsing more often than not. On Tuesday, when nurse Melissa came to administer the infusion, after five sticks, it was obvious my veins were not going to cooperate. So she came back Thursday, and the third time was the charm. Further annoying me, I can't seem to nail down an appointment to have a port put in, which would alleviate the need to be stuck like a pin cushion every week. It would also alleviate my hands and arms from the little purple knotty scars. I hate that I'm now pushing to have minor surgery to keep up the IVIG which, while extremely beneficial, is not really making me better. It's like I have an inflatable lifejacket. I'm not drowning, but...


Oh yeah, I finally tried Chick-Fil-A yesterday, for the first time. It was okay. It's funny that so many people I know act like it is chicken ordained by God or something. It's good, but it wasn't a Revelation. ;-)

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America's Worst Charities

SMH. From CNN:


The worst charity in America operates from a metal warehouse behind a gas station in Holiday, Florida.


Every year, Kids Wish Network raises millions of dollars in donations in the name of dying children and their families.


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Their stories.


Soher Ebrahim



This week, I watched and read about three teenage girls who do to their gender and culture, have suffered greatly, one to the point of death. First, from Bust:


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Hank Hill on Christian Rock

hank hill




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