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This is so cool! My friend Maria passes along this video:



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"life isn't always a fairytale."

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Me and Jos all decked out at church as girls.



I posted a quote from Alice Walker's "The Color Purple" this morning on Facebook. It led to a long string of back and forths on a literature and movies and criticism. In the middle of this, I wrote:


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"Do you trust me?"


Still, twenty years later, my favorite Disney movie. Any wonder why?




"Do you trust me?... Do you trust me?," K asked me earnestly.

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"Long Hair"

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Leila Noelliste, creator and editor-in-chief of Black Girl with Long Hair, is a lot of things: daughter, wife, mother, journalist and Chicogoan. She is also incredibly busy. How she manages one of the most popular Black culture and beauty websites while balancing quality time with family amazes me. Yet, despite the hectic schedule, she took the time to play Q&A with me, and it's a total win.



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Some Saturday Stuff- June 8th

Good Saturday morning! The remnants of Andrea have passed, and the sun is out shining brightly here in Dirty Jerz. I'm in a mess of pain- back, legs, particularly my left thigh, and shoulders. I took Zoe out alone on Thursday, and have been paying for it since. Thing is, we live in an apartment building and in order to get in or out, we must traverse a small flight of stairs and a decent length of halls (one friend once quipped that it reminded her of "The Shining"). Zoe has mastered going up stairs unassisted, but down is another question. Since stairs are a tricky mater for me all by myself due to the CIDP, I refuse to have her walk down yet with me. So I loaded her into the baby backpack, something I haven't done since last year. And well, she is FAR heavier now. We made it down fine, and then headed to Starbucks for lunch, then to the park, and then over to my dad and stepmom's. Dad didn't stick around long. He had to take nephew Justin to the dentist, but stepmom Kathy and I talked for hours. It was a good day. This soreness is anything but. So, enough about me, and on to the links.


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My goddaughter Sapphira, enjoying her morning cup of joe.



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This is my confession: I'm a Preacher's Kid, too.



I read with interest my fellow BOLD writer Carmen Fletcher's "Confessions of a Preacher Kid: Chelsea Stanton". I can relate. Me, too.

I actually come from a long ministerial line; my great-grandfather, Clarence, grandfather, Joseph, and grandmother, Bernice, all did pulpit time. In addition, my dad, stepmom, an uncle and a couple of cousins are carrying on the family legacy, and my brother most recently felt the call.

I, on the other hand, have no intention of donning any robe other than for the bath.


Read the rest at BOLD.

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11 AM, Tropicana, 6/6/08

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Five years ago today, K and I had our first date. I asked him out with help from a mini-green Post-It. I chose a local diner right down the street from our jobs. I figured 11AM would work, not too early for our day off, but still early enough that if it were a total flop, I'd still have the rest of the day to erase the bad date fumes.


I showed up a good fifteen to twenty minutes late, pulling my old red Hyndai Elantra into the spot next to his shiny silver Honda Civic. He had arrived on time. I stepped out, wearing brown open toed platforms, blue jeans and a loose black top. As I looked into his car, trying to judge if he looked upset for my being on colored folk time, I instead noticed how very sexy he was. He had on a black Yankee hat, slightly cocked to the side. He got out, long legs, brown skin, and sweet eyes, and then handed me a big, beautiful bouquet of mixed flowers.

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Retro Reports: From Crack Babies to Y2K




I've been enjoying Retro Report, which features a series of videos on stories that were huge in the eighties and nineties and their aftermath. I find these stories fascinating because not only is it a mini-history lesson, but they also display how absolutely wrong the media can be in reporting. Check them out:



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She's Gay, but Catholic. And celibate.

gay catholic church banner

Flickr /Jess Pac


Thomas of The Crystal Tambourine passes along this story by Eve Tushnet, who writes at The Atlantic of being a lesbian and a faithful, practicing Catholic.



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Master of your domain.

masturbation 1





Off the blog, I have gotten requests for certain topics, and masturbation was one of them. Is it okay? For singles? For married couples? Why or why not?

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Some Saturday Stuff- June 1st.

Can you believe it's June already? Where does the time go?


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Tony who? Meet the new Iron Man.



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A Permanent Love Affair

adultery 2




When news broke recently that Tina Campbell, of famed Gospel duo Mary Mary, was dealing with infidelity in her marriage, fans were in shock. Opening up to Ebony, Tina shared that her husband, Teddy, had cheated. The couple are now requesting prayers and fasting from supporters and fans.


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So I'm still at work on that painting. I've been flipping through the stack of glossy mags my mother-in-law sent me from Trinidad for inspiration. The colors- the rich greens, blues and purples- are being transplanted onto the posterboard.


Yesterday, I added some pretty pink flowers and a drum.

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How MySpace lives on (in more than our memories).

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(Shiny Shiny)


From Business 2 Community:


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An 11 Year Old & His 3D Printer

Andrew headshot 1


Very cool short film from On the Media:



What a beautiful mind.

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Kirk Franklin Runs Afoul of Gay Rights Activists




From All Christian News, via The Old Black Church:


Gospel singer Kirk Frankin is now in the cross-hairs of the gay community for speaking out against homosexuality.  LGBT activists are putting pressure on the Washington, DC government for paying the singer $80,000 to perform this year for the city’s Emancipation Day celebration.

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Memorial Day Weekend



Sunday's New York Times




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Some Saturday Stuff- May 25th.




Happy Memorial Day weekend, Folks! It was a tough week here at the De Freitas Homestead. First K fell ill, then Zoe. And judging by how I've been feeling for the better part of the last 18 hours, my body is waging war to stop the bug from pulling me down.


So, let's just get right to the links, shall we? First this absolutely unbelievable story out of Bodymore, on how one prisoner ran an entire jail. I don't think David Simon could've conjured up such madness for "The Wire". From the Washington Post:

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Pelo Malo.




Yesterday evening, I was chatting with a neighbor, Veronica, for the first time. She's an adorable little 20 year old who rooms with her older sister and a couple of her college friends. As we gabbed on about our apartment building and her amazement that I'm 31 when, in her opinion, I look 23 (which seriously, made my day... no, my week), the topic landed on hair. She relaxes hers. I clearly do not. She, like so many other relaxed girls I meet, claims she could never go natural. Her hair shrinks up. I pulled one of my strands to reveal, that yes, me, too. She says it's... just different with her hair. "You look like you have that type of hair, that you can just wash, and wet and gel, and go." Well, kind of. That actually was what I did yesterday, but I put some Shea Moisture coconut cream stuff on, then, EcoStyler gel. Oh, and I didn't go anywhere.


I told her I didn't even know how to do my own hair until a couple years ago, and that if I could learn... Finally, she just cut me off and said, "I don't have good hair."

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Not sure who created the graphic mocking Time's, I just stole it from my friend Joel's Facebook page.




Three years ago, annoyed with my generation's seeming obsession with all things disposable, I wrote a scathing post at my old blog, Far Above Rubies:

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