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To borrow some words from Drake, "I'm more than just a number." But if I WERE a number, it would be 7. Since it's God's number, the 7th day is one to rest, and... well, I think it rocks. But if life were a scale of 1-10, then me being a 7 fits too, because I'm not perfect. But I'm not your average girl, either. :-) I'm 30, a Christ-follower, slightly off kilter (but aren't all "ar-teeests"?), and happily married to Keiron, my solid and strong rock. And Techie-extraordinaire. We are the proud parents of a baby girl, Zoe. Hope you enjoy my rantings, don't take my sarcasm too seriously and know that comments are welcome. Very welcome... ahem, HINT, HINT, HINT! But enough about me, time for this 7 to give it a rest. xoxox

Trashing Dash


While I was surprised that actress Stacey Dash came out on Twitter in support of Mitt Romney as president, I wasn't surprised by the heated backlash she faced once she did. After all, I've learned from the Mia Love criticisms, people can be disgusting towards those on the other side of the political aisle. It can turn downright vicious when you share the same color. From Twitchy:

Dash called "House Negro," "Uncle Tom," and "Oreo" by Obama supporters

Dash accused of not being Black enough

Dash urged to kill herself

Really? Really??? Okay, so yeah, these comments are coming from random folks on Twitter. Oh, and by the way, Twitter users, please know your 140 characters are not invisible. If you really want to put...

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THE Debate of 2012

... occured last week and featured a candidate representing the left, and one speaking for the right. Neither heeded the moderator much, but did come prepared with conflicting data and viewpoints.

There were slams.

There were laughs.

There was a mobile platform.

"THE" debate was The Rumble in the Air Conditioned Auditorium between Fox News' Bill O'Reilly and The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, and it is awesome! Go here for some free clips. Or pay the five bucks for charity and watch the whole thing.

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Ripping up the brown paper bag.

I was thinking about Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Mia Love and yes, Stacey Dash (now I'm thinking, 'Which one of these do not belong?'). They got me thinking of other Black folks who break rank in their own ways, determining to do their own thing.

For example, while most Blacks in this country are Christian or Muslim, many aren't. Like Shirley Woodard who has been a practicing Buddhist since 1974:

"What attracted me to being a Buddhist was that I tried it and I saw it working in my life. It’s something that I just said, “Let me try.” And once I tried it and I saw how it was something that I could use for my daily life, that I didn’t have to die and go to heaven — ‘cause your heaven and your hell exist right here — it...
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Friday Funny


Pastor and comedian Brodrick Rice on TBN doing impressions of Bishop Jakes, Bishop Eddie Long, Pastor Joel Osteen and more. It's hilarious! Check it out!!

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