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Come Clean: 90s Music Videos Had Me Wanting to Go to a Carnival. Or the Shore.


Jordon Knight gave it to us back in '99- the baggy cargos, the long sleeve turtle kneck sweater, the racially-mixed back up dancers.

Seriously, besides a love of belly shirts, glittery eye shadow, and overly large (but super comfy) pants, 90s singers loved them some amusement park backdrops (or at least the music video directors hired to make it appear that way).

Mariah Carey rollerbladed in daisy dukes, serenading us about her "Fantasy" of rollercoaster rides and on BET and urban radio, rapper O.D.B.

Mya snuck out of her overprotective father's house to canoodle with her bad boy... on a giant ferris wheel.

Jordon Knight, post-NKOTB, got his freaky falsetto on in a "Grease" update that had him playing Danny Zuko to a beautiful (but ignored and four-eyed) Sno Cone Sandy. Lots of highly coordinated dance moves, smiles, and winks follow.

Even Gospel good girl Amy Grant got in on the carni-fun, swooning over her "Baby, Baby" in bumper cars and brightly-lit swings.

Sometimes our pop tarts didn't actually go out for the amusement, instead bringing it (and creepy looking clown masks) inside like Christina Aguilera did in "What A Girl Wants".

But to me, nothing says 90s good time, cotton candy fun like LFO's "Summer Girls", which manages to shout out boy band legends NKOTB and New Edition, 80s heartthrobs Kevin Bacon and Michael J. Fox, while simultaneously being about, quixotically, absolutely nothing.

Screen Shot 2017 11 11 at 9.39.04 AM

I like what O.D.B. does with this clown here. Applause.


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