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I'm okay!

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So I've been ghost around here for over a week. I'd say, "My bad", but it's not bad at all, so I won't. I'm fine. I had some issues on the backend of the blog, then some major internet connection issues, so I just stopped trying to post altogether by Wednesday.


I also had an epically bad reaction to the dressing used by the hospital after plasmapheresis on the 4th. I'm okay, but have a crusty looking purplish rash the size of a half dollar by the catheter site. No infection, though, so it's not so bad.


Now I'm back down in Virginia with the BFF and her family for the week. It's October, and I'm a sucker for the changing color of autumn foliage. And this is an awesome area to see it!


Last night, I got to "crash" the birthday party for one of the members of the Winchester Salsa Group, of which GiGi is a member. There was delicious pastalon, arroz con gandules, potato salad, cake, wine, beer, B52 bomber shots, vodka, and of course lots of music and dancing! Zoe really surprised me (and maybe everyone) by jumping in and dancing up a storm. She's always loved music, and to dance, but the way she grabbed people and then pulled them out to dance with her just shocked me!


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I've got to get her in some dancing classes! She's a natural!



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I'll try to post some more stuff... try. :-)




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