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Lent- Day 24: Everything?

Spoke with the BFF about an hour ago and she asked me if anything was new. "Um... with me? Nope. Just the same ol', same ol'. Except this blogging everyday again stuff... I feel like my time is really limited. I added something but it's not like anything else got taken away. So there's still meals to cook, Zoe's homeschooling, cleaning...", I trailed off as I pulled a tray of meatless meatballs from the oven.


No, there's nothing really new with my day-to-day life in the past month. I'm still getting Zoe to her Vocal, Dance and Gymnastics classes every week, followed up with addition flash card drills, Social Studies on various countries around the world, and the proper construction of stories. There's also piles of laundry to put away, and stacks of dishes to wash, and vacuuming and... so on. To be real, the non-newness of SAHM-life, crossed iwh the frustrating challenges of being disabled started to grate at me last week. So much so, that by Saturday, I found myself inwardly griping about... everything. My weight, my acne (at 35! Ever since the chemo last year...), my marriage, my... God. I started to annoy myself and turned on Dave Chappelle's new Netflix specials just to stop the inner soliloquy. By the way, it worked.


Emotionally, I've been cool the last couple of days, which is great because my devotional reading today from "Lent with St. Francis" was titled "Do We Like Complaining?". And later, I stumbled across I Corinthians 16:14:

Do everything in love.


Everything. Everything? EVERYTHING??? 




Yes... everything.


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