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So I'm still at work on that painting. I've been flipping through the stack of glossy mags my mother-in-law sent me from Trinidad for inspiration. The colors- the rich greens, blues and purples- are being transplanted onto the posterboard.


Yesterday, I added some pretty pink flowers and a drum.


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Although I have painted before, this is the first time I'm sitting patiently working to create a whole picture, particularly with oil paints. Usually, I just draw or color with crayons, markers or oil pastels. This has been surprisingly... peaceful. I feel like I'm falling for art all over again like when I was a girl, but even more appreciatively.


Last night, around eight, I went out for a bottle of wine. It was so nice to go out and in the warmth. I know we've got a little heatwave coming up, but it was nice to go out in a summer dress (another gift from Trinidad from my mother-in-law) and drive, for a few minutes, with the windows down. I chose a reisling in a pretty bright blue bottle and a white moscato flavored with mango. On the short drive back, I caught part of NPR's story on Impressionism. I couldn't find the exact story, but I figured I'd share one of the segments on Monet from earlier this week.






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