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Lent- Day 10: Bookends.


Our poor little Civic. :-(




I started the week feeling frightened by my father's declining health. I'm ending it feeling shaken by a car accident.


This afternoon, K was driving our little Civic when a guy slammed into his passenger side. The force was so hard that our car was pushed into the opposite lane and up against ice. Zoe and another passenger was in the back. I was home procastinating on doing my Mod Art class homework.


Everyone, including the other driver and his passenger, was fine.


The car isn't. Undriveable, it had to be towed away.


Needless to say, I'm thankful for their safety. When K called and told me the news, my heart stopped with fear. My babies... He quickly reassured me, though, that they were fine. Zoe was even laughing about Larry Cucumber from Veggie Tales soon after. I'm telling you, that girl is a true gift.


Still, on either end of the week, I experienced two big events that demonstrated how little control I have in my life. I could not prevent my father from feeling pain or having infections; I could not stop a stranger from hitting our car. Throughout this week, I had a lot of sinus pain which at times left me feeling dizzy and tired. It, along with the usual CIDP pain, was chronic reminders that I cannot even control my own body.


A few days ago, my devotional reading included from Psalm 46, "Be still, and know that I am God...". After this week full of tears, worry and uncertainty, I am clinging to those words, a command of calmness and security.

Reflection for the day: Rest in God. 



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