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Lent- Days 27 & 28: We'll always love Big Poppa.

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My daddy passed away today a few minutes after one P.M. Defying expectations, he survived over two days off the respirator, which makes perfect sense knowing how big his heart was and how powerful those lungs, which powered a loud booming voice, were.


I want to thank everyone who's reached out to offer sympathy, prayers and condolences. It's truly appreciated. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


To my beautiful stepmother, Kathy: Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving my daddy. Over the past ten months, you've driven thousands of miles, fought for the best medical care, kept all of us informed, handled legal and financial issues, and slept so many nights in stiff, plastic hospital chairs. You exemplify the love of Christ.


To Monica: You're such an awesome sister! My goodness, you've logged major mileage flying back and forth from Milwaukee to Jersey! Thank you for taking care of Momma.


To Velvet: You've been more like a big sister than a cousin to me, and you know Daddy loved you like a daughter. Thank you and Mike for stepping in and up on so many occasions.


To John: When Jos died, and on Thursday, you made me laugh. Real, earnest, heart-warming laughter. Laughter truly is medicine.


To Uncle Curtis: What can I say... but, he was my first hero, too. And, I'm so sorry, so very sorry.


To Jenny: Daddy loved you, your laugh and your great big hugs! I know he thanked God for bringing you into Joe's life and bringing him another daughter.


To Joe: Here's to "Star Trek: TNG", spreading love via "Take 6", fetching blue woolen booties, cool Wildwood nights, and blue cheese dressing. In our minds, these things will live eternally.


Daddy: You kiss Jos for me. I love you.






Reflection for the day: If you have your dad, tell him you love him.



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