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The Simpsons foretold it.

Well, not really.


The "it" is Brazil losing to Germany in the World Cup, which happened on Tuesday. Boy did it ever happen. Losing is one thing, but seven to one!? This is only my second World Cup, but I knew I was watching history.


Perhaps you're wondering what this has to do with "The Simpsons"? Well, a few months back, they aired "You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee" in which Homer lands a plumb spot being a ref at the World Cup because of his outstanding morals (!) in only calling fair plays during soccer games (this is a throwback to an earlier episode where as a ref he threw daughter Lisa out a game; so if he's so honest he'd throw his own little girl out, the officials believe he could not be bribed and restore some integrity to soccer officials). In the alternate Simpsons world, Brazil and Germany wind up facing each other in the final game.


Fullscreen capture 7102014 81226 AM.bmp


After some obligatory jokes about "German blitzkrieg" and "Brazilian waxing", or "Nazis" versus "Nazi harborers" (and an elderly man chiming in that both titles are correct), the game commences.








In the end, Brazil loses, but by a much more respectable number. Who knew real life could be stranger than fiction? Sadly, the Brazilians stream out the stadium, still singing "Ole", which is a lot calmer than what's really happening.






For a really good piece on Brazil's historic loss, check out Sam Borden's post at The New York Times (H/T: Rod Dreher)


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