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Kiss the sky.


This afternoon, I met with Dr. Burt of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I was so nervous my heart started racing. In recounting my medical history, I wound up in tears. Not out of sadness, but fear. Fear that I've gone through twenty different doctors and now traveled 800 miles just to be told "No". As I suspected, I am on the higher- or functioning- end of the CIDP spectrum. Make no mistake, I am far from "normal", but the fact that I walked in there unassisted, with no cane or leg braces, is a positive sign. But at Dr. Burt's making note of that, I broke out in tears.


"I'm only 31 and have a two year old... I can't wait until I have no other choice! She deserves more. I want to fight this... now."


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"And what I loved most, she had so much soul"



(Cynical) Note from Alisha: I just spent an hour working on this post which detailed my trip to Chicago, where I am currently to undergo medical tests. I then went on to discuss Kanye West's very busy week of proposing to Kim, selling weird merchandise at his concerts and his skit with "White Jesus" at his Seattle concert. Then, my blog app ate the entire thing. THE. ENTIRE. THING. So, I'll just fastforward to the recent interview Kanye did explaining his feelings on the skit and tell you can now follow me on Instagram. Argh. From Necole Bitchie:


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Lord, have mercy.


Rapper Kanye West, fresh off of squashing beef with late night talk show hosts and fights with paps, caused quite a stir over the weekend when he had "Jesus" make an appearance at a Seattle concert. From Necole Bitchie:

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Some Saturday Stuff- October 19th.

The world's best hot chocolate, at The Chocolate Bar, Winchester, Virginia.



So I'm back home after a fabulous AND busy week down in Virginia with the BFF. I've now gone down there so much some Facebook friends are asking if I've moved. Nope, still in Jersey, just enjoying one of the benefits to being a SAHM to a two year old. We can go away for a while without obligations and reprecissions like pink slips and visits from truant officers. And since my health has been relatively stable (and I haven't had IVIG in nearly four weeks; the plasmapheresis really seems to be a better treatment for me at this time), I've also taken advantage of the mild weather to go out and you know, have fun, lol.


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Highbow happy birthdays.


Today is my close friend Randy's birthday. I don't think I even have the words to describe how cool he is. He's like Manhattan cool, and not just because he worked for years as a chef at a glitzy eatery in the Big Apple. He's just always been cool.


We met on the first day of classes at the now defunct Victory Christian Academy in 1997. September 4th, 1997, to be exact. It was also the day I met GiGi and Candace. I giggle aloud at the fact that I still am blessed to have them in my lives today.


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