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Some Saturday Stuff: March 22nd.


Happy Saturday, Friends. By now, you've probably seen the American Vogue cover featuring Kimye that is producing a whole lot of backlash. A whole lot is probably an understatement.


Anyway, it didn't really bother me, to be honest. I haven't purchased an issue of Vogue in years, and frankly, I'd noticed the mag's move of far less models on the cover and more celebs. Granted, they were fashionable celebs, but still celebs. So I saw the cover, did a medium paced "SMH" and a little "Kanye shrug" and kept it moving. That is, right up until I read editor-in-chief Ana Wintour's defense of the cover over at Necole Bitchie. Here, check it out:


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Mark Driscoll Apologizes.


Some encouraging news out of Seattle's Mars Hills Church from Mark Driscoll, by way of Benjamin L. Cory at Formerly Fundie:


Mark Driscoll, it appears, is repenting.


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Kid Cudi: Hip Hop is "holding us back as a culture".


Wow! Check out Kid Cudi on Arsenio, saying it's time the whole "Money, cash, hoes" mantra dies.




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Slinging so much Spacey.


K binged watched "House of Cards" this weekend, polishing off the first season and getting into the second. (His response to the shocking twist in the first episode? "About damn time".) I am of course, thrilled that my Love has gotten into it without my having to Sherlock him, because it really is a great show. Don't believe me? Let's hop over to my Blogger Buddy Binks Webelf at Free Canuckistan (oh, Canada!) for his excellent take:


IT’S JUST ABOUT a perfect show: each episode filmed, written, envisioned, performed like a work of art. It’s a refreshing joy to see such well-done and serious TV as House Of Cards.. not via the Networks, but NetFlix, with 100 million viewers and rising. Network TV literally would never make...

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Love, Peanuts style.



From Maria Popova at Brain Pickings, this adorably sweet post chock full of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang:



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