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Amen and pass the lentils.


See that photo up there? It's the inside of my closet turned pantry. I hung two photos with passages from Psalms ripped from an old calendar. It seems silly, but I don't know how many times, aggravated from a long day of cooking, cleaning and toddler tantrums, I have swung open that closet door and have been reminded that God is with me. I remember that He hears my prayers full of Mommy wailing and woe.



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I like the sunrise. Even behind these clouds.

Kurt Elling



It's pouring out. Which for me, is better to look at then just the overcast clouds that has set up residence for days now. I feel myself sinking. I think I probably have SAD, because I really do start feeling down emotionally during long stretches without sunshine. I've been this way since childhood.


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Some Saturday Stuff- June 29th.



Hello Saturday! The photo above is of a beautiful flower that K brought me yesterday from a farmer's market. It's so gorgeous. It was his anniversary gift to me. My Hunny did well.


So, some crazy week, huh? Parts of the Voting Rights Act got overturned, as did DOMA and Prop 8 and the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Murder Trial introduced us to Rachel Jeantel... which introduced us to a whole lot of drama.

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Unpatriotic, jerky fail.



And the fails keep coming. From Upworthy:


An IRS contractor hurt his foot playing football in military prep school. He never served in the actual military. Then one day, decades later, he used it to get preferred treatment in military contracts. Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.), who lost both her legs and still could lose her arm from combat injuries, felt that this might just be a touch inappropriate. It gets amazing around 4:30.

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Call 2 Fail.

Oh, yikes. This is quite an unfortunate logo and slogan. From America Blog:


FRC’s [Family Research Counil] anti-gay campaign is titled “Call 2 Fall.”  (Note the number “2″, done Internet-style – rather than being written out “two” – to attract the younguns.)


The anti-gay campaign’s slogan is “On our knees for America.”

And it’s accompanied by a logo that appears to be a man performing oral sex.

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